Location map from OneMap for Meyer Blue Condo at 81 and 83 Meyer Road, a premier residential development by UOL and Singapore Land, highlighting the strategic location and surrounding amenities.

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Latest Updates As At  Thursday, May 30th 2024 updated, Register to receive the price list and book showflat appointment when ready!

Meyer Road stands as a testament to Singapore’s rich history, morphing from a coastal trail to a distinguished residential avenue. It serves as a narrative of the nation’s evolution, connecting the past to the present with its lineup of stately private residences and modern condominiums.

The Storied Past of Meyer Road

  • Historical Significance: Named after the prominent Jewish businessman Sir Reuben Manasseh Meyer, who was an esteemed philanthropist and owner of the famed old Sea View Hotel, Meyer Road’s heritage is as storied as it is grand.
  • Philanthropic Foundations: Beyond his business ventures, Manasseh Meyer was renowned for his charitable contributions, including the establishment of the Manasseh Meyer Trust and significant donations to the Jewish community.

Meyer Road Today: A Blend of Legacy and Luxury

  • Prime Residential District: Now a coveted address, Meyer Road offers a serene retreat with its array of private houses and luxurious condominiums, all a stone’s throw from the tranquil East Coast Park.
  • Accessibility and Connectivity: Strategically located, Meyer Road benefits from the East Coast Expressway, providing residents with swift travel to the city center and Changi International Airport.

Landmarks and Legacy

  • Historic Katong Park: Along Meyer Road lies Katong Park, a site rich with military history as a pre-war fort. Although the fort was later decommissioned, its legacy lives on with the park that now occupies the space.
  • Architectural Innovations: Meyer Road was once home to the earliest luxury beach-front apartments in Singapore, such as Crescent Flats and Meyer Apartments, showcasing unique architectural designs that were ahead of their time.

In Conclusion: Meyer Road – An Address with a Story Meyer Road is more than just a location; it’s a heritage-rich avenue that has witnessed Singapore’s transformation. For those who make their home at Meyer Blue, they’re not just residing in an exclusive district; they’re becoming part of a continuum that honors the past while embracing the future. This prestigious avenue offers not just a prime residential space but a living, breathing connection to the history and community that have shaped it.